What Is A Refurbished Mac?

A Refurbished Mac is a pre-owned system which has been given a new lease of life. The Mac is taken apart cleaned and upgraded so that it is reconditioned to a near new standard of quality. All of our Macs we expect to last for over 5 years due to the premium parts we use and our extensive refurbishment.

Comprehensive Testing

To ensure the robustness of all our products we employe a well-practiced testing procedure that covers all system components. Using leading-edge diagnostics tools, the same of which is used by Apple we’re able to identify any inconsistencies well before they reach consumers. In addition to this, a 42 point exam in which our Apple Certified technicians check by hand the total functional validity of the system. This exam includes but is not limited to test such as keyboard keystrokes, wifi & Bluetooth and accessory connecting.

This exam includes but is not limited to;

  • Keyboard key-strokes & key feedback response
  • Wifi and Bluetooth connection and stability
  • Long-term high load stress stability & performance.
  • Heat & noise regulation 

Refresh & Refurbishment

It’s not just people who need a little R&R. During our testing process, any components which are flagged will be repaired or replaced with new parts. Furthermore, we replace out-of-date storage technology with upgrade solid-state or fusion systems. This means our Macs will last the rigorous test of time with improvements to stability and reliability.

Here are just some of the benefits of our R&R process.

  • Increase in system lifespan
  • Improvements to stability & reliability
  • Performance gain with the addition of current technology
  • Fresh installation of macOS

Please note we do not ‘repair’ or ‘refurbish’ systems as a service to customers. We only perform work on systems purchased from our store.

Assurance Of Quality

Double check & triple check. Prior to the listing of each system, they’re thoroughly cleaned and sent through our Quality Assurance team. Our QA team re-run our 42 point system check process to ensure hardware & software is fully functional. Then finally a condition assessment is made with a detailed inspection of any applicable imperfections with a grade given to each machine at the end. This condition grade is seconded by the sales team who list our products.