- The Grading process -

First, each element of our MacBooks are tested following a strict and thorough inspection.

Prior to being listed within our sales platforms, any cosmetic imperfections will always be highlighted.

The latest macOS is installed, or alternative OS's can be installed upon the customers request.

All machines are supplied with our 1 Year Warranty and 14 day returns period.

- Our grades -

 The majority of our MacBooks arrive to us in immaculate excellent condition. They may contain the odd very light minor mark/surface scratch.

 models may have minor cosmetic defects but are fully functional. The product is in good condition but may have a few scratches, minor dents or marks which are a sign of normal wear and tear on the case.

 items have a cosmetic defect. The defects may be limited to just one large dent or deep scratch alternatively it could consist of numerous minor scratches or marks. These cosmetic defects may include scratches, marks or dents either on the case or screen and because of this we individually photograph all fair condition systems.

If you’re budget conscious a fair condition system can be the ideal solution for those looking to save. We cannot stress enough that the defects are only cosmetic and the systems are completely functional with no damage to the internal components. All fair condition system components are meticulously inspected.


Exactly as ordered,quick delivery,second to none service and attentiveness

Martyn Payne

Superfast excellent service. Great Macbook too. Many thanks

Stephen Corbett