About us

MacDaddy is a family run business based in Hertfordshire that sell a wide range of refurbished Apple Macs to suit a variety of needs. We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service where we go above and beyond to make sure our customers experience a personal service that exceeds all.
MacDaddy products are pre-owned Apple products that have been cleaned, tested and upgraded. We care about selling the very highest quality Macs, which is why our technician is a 'Certified Mac Technician'. Our technician is based full-time in-house and is responsible for testing new stock as it arrives and processed into our system, and also carries dispatch tests before we send out orders. Each device undergoes a number of stringent tests, that must adhere to our high standards and safety protocols.
Your needs and requirements are what matters to us the most, so before purchasing please feel free to us call on 01992 552365 or email info@macdaddyltd.co.uk and either James or Richard will be on hand to assist you all the way. 
Once you become a MacDaddy customer we don't forget about you, even after your warranty has expired we will always be on hand to support you with any technical support or advice that you need.

Who we are

 James is one half of the operational side   of MacDaddy. A father of two with a    keen interest in keeping himself fit, James   is also a Tottenham Hotspur season ticket holder - an emotional drain on his life he says. Although we are an online business, James loves talking   to customers when he can, listening to     their needs and providing our customers   with a unique buying experience. "It's   great when a potential customer calls in,   as it adds a personal approach for the buyer, and helps us to build a rapport with the customer should we ever need to speak in the future." Should you wish to call with any questions about a product or any issues you are experiencing with your Mac, please feel free to call James on 01992 552365.




Richard is the younger half of MacDaddy and is also our certified Mac Technician. Outside of the office, Richard is currently renovating his new family home just in time for the arrival of his first newborn. Richard has the joys of sharing a Tottenham season ticket with James, and is adamant he is still going to make games once the baby is born. Something James begs to differ. At work Richard plays a vital part in the quality assurance side of the business. Checking our stock in on arrival and on dispatch, Richard is responsible for ensuring that everything that goes out is of the necessary high standards that we work towards. "It's important for us that what we send out is checked over, is safe to use, and for the customer is "good as new" internally. We take great pride in our quality assurance checks, and packaging on dispatch. Hopefully this shows with the repeat business that we work hard to achieve."
Hudson is James' family Labrador that is a permanent resident with us. Although not technically savvy, and of no use making tea & coffee, Hudson is great for those moments where we need to escape the office and step outside for 10-15 minutes for some fresh air and playtime. Soon approaching his first birthday Hudson has settled well into the MacDaddy environment and has excelled in his 1st year apprenticeship with us. Moving forward, we hope Hudson becomes more accustomed to retrieving our lunch and joining us for Friday drinks. We love him !