Why buy a refurbished MacBook ?

When Apple’s designers had the brainwave of putting a glowing Apple logo on the lid of the MacBook, they knew what they were doing. Since the launch of the MacBook Pro in 2006, that glowing white Apple has become more than a cool design feature. It’s a status symbol, marking out graphic designers, writers, artists, and people who just appreciate a good computer in offices and coffee shops all over the world !!!!

That 2006 MacBook was the world’s thinnest notebook at launch, and these slim, sexy laptops have gone from strength to strength ever since. Over the years, the Californian tech titan has sold hundreds of millions of units, with sales peaking in 2015 at 20.59 million laptops sold that year. 

Each iteration of the MacBook has had its strengths and weaknesses, but they’ve rarely dipped below excellent. This classic, versatile computer has only ever had one major drawback........the price !!!
There’s no getting away from the fact that new MacBooks are expensive. The 2006 MacBook, the one that marked a clear departure from the previous era of PowerBooks and iBooks, was priced at £1,450 – today that would be more than two and a half grand. Which means that the price, if anything, has actually crept up over the years, with a new top-end MacBook Pro 16” currently retailing at closer to £3000. Which lets be honest, this is what most of us would spend on a second hand car.
But wait......there’s another way !!!
Fortunately, the very popularity of MacBooks over the years means there’s another way to get your hands on one without breaking the bank. Because there are so many of these laptops around, there is a thriving second-hand market in MacBooks. But if you’re imagining a grubby, sluggish machine with someone else’s fingerprints across the glass, think again: We’re talking refurbished.
What is a refurbished MacBook?
Put simply, a refurbished MacBook is a pre-owned MacBook that has been upgraded, checked, and cleaned so that it’s as good as new. In the hands of our experts who know these laptops inside out, someone else’s trade-in can now become your prized possession.
It’s worth noting that Apple themselves sell refurbished MacBooks, and that many people consider them to be indistinguishable from brand new units. But, as you might expect, the Apple brand carries a price premium, so the difference in price isn’t all that significant.
That’s where MacDaddy enters the picture....
Brand new quality, affordable price
Our refurbished MacBooks are used machines that have been stringently tested by our Apple Certified Mac Technician, cleaned, and wiped and formatted so that they are good as new. You’d never even know it wasn’t a brand new model, in our opinion.......Except for the price.
Let’s face it, this is the main reason you’ll want to buy a refurbished MacBook from us. The savings you’ll make over buying new will make you wonder why anyone buys first hand. Plus, when you buy from us, you get a warranty with each laptop. So you can rest easy that if anything goes wrong, we’ll sort it out for you. And even once your warranty expires, we’ll happily answer any tech questions you have and do our best to help as and when you need us.
A bit about us....
We’re a family-run, Hertfordshire-based business. The reason we refurbish MacBooks is that we love these machines and think that more people should be able to afford them. Customer care is what we’re all about, so you can expect a personal service right the way through.
Please take a look at our stock and feel free to contact us should you have any questions.