Want to sell your MacBook ?

Are you thinking of selling your MacBook or think its time for an upgrade? With more people working from home during this lockdown and more devices required  in the house, now might be the right time to sell your old Mac and upgrade. Hopefully this blog will put you in the direction to get the most you can for your old Mac.


First and foremost....Back up !

Anything that has any current relevance for your day to day life or any sentimental photos or files, then back them up. Not once but twice so you are ready to migrate to your new Mac. Even if you aren’t planning to get a new Mac its still a good idea to back up all of your precious files anyway. Obvious? You’d be surprised how many people think “ill be ok”…..until its to late. We’ve all done it.

Sign Out 

Regardless of where and who you are selling your MacBook to make sure that your Apple ID is signed out of everything. You need to make sure that you’re signed out of Apple Music or iTunes, iMessage and also iCloud, otherwise whoever you sell your Mac to will have access to all of these services at your expense. Thankfully, signing out of everything is a straightforward process and shouldn’t take you long at all.

Reset Your Mac


Make sure your MacBook is returned to its factory settings. 

1.  Restart your Macbook holding down Command (CMD) + R

2.  When the Apple logo appears then release CMD + R

3.  When you see recovery mode - hit disk utility.

4.  Highlight "Macintosh HD" start up and select erase.

5.  When this is erased, please close disk utility and reinstall macOS ready for its new user.

Test your Mac

You may have not realised or have had an issue for so long that you have forgotten that you had the issue in the first place. Now would be a perfect time to make a list of all that is wrong with your Macbook. Do the speakers work ? Is the webcam working? Does my internet connect ? It is worth making note of this now otherwise it is going to cost you a lot in time and fees if someone receives your Mac and finds a load of problems that you hadn’t mentioned in your listing


Where shall I sell?


eBay / Facebook / Gum Tree would be our recommended platforms.

Regardless of what platform you choose, the main thing is that your listing is honest and you include as much information as possible - you will need the full technical specifications and information on the battery health status and cycle count. The more information you include  in your listing will save you a-lot of time in the long run answering receptive questions from potential buyers.

Within your listing include some quality photos. Make sure your Mac is clean, and not covered in dust and food from last nights take-away. Make sure there is plenty of light in the photos and not a lot of other distractions in the background.

Be realistic in your valuation and offer as many payment options as you can that are secure and risk free - cash on collection can be risky and you live alone at someone collects at night would also be something we advise against.

Be aware of scammers and people trying to knock you down, and down……and down. Be assertive with your valuation and dont waste time on people you know aren’t going to pay - you’ll soon work out what these people are like.

Do your research in selling fees - eBay are probably the worst for this. You can get charged for sub headings, auction style listings, and various other selling fees - this will come out of your final selling price, so be aware.

Whats App/Telegram

Once you have your photos and listing template, share the images amongst your friends and family on your social media chat applications - you will have the trust of your friends and will also save you alot of money in terms of fees and potential shipping costs.


Mac Resellers?

Many 3rd party Apple resellers (like us) may take your Mac however, the price you may be offered is going to be less than when you sell it privately.  On the plus side doing this removes all the stress, hassle, time and risk element. If you think you have a Mac that we may be interest in, please feel free to contacts us info@macdaddyltd.co.uk


Apple Recycling Programme

If you weren’t aware already you can always sell your Mac straight back to Apple. The Apple Trade-In programme is there for you to trade in any Apple device.


Still unsure and confused about how to sell your Mac - feel free to contact us info@macdaddyltd.co.uk