Is your MacBook running slow ?


Is your MacBook running slow? Is your MacBook battery draining faster than normal? If your MacBook is acting funny and you have exhausted all the tips and tricks that could speed up your Mac then you could try resetting the SMC, which is also known as the System Management Controller which manages low level settings like the battery and thermal management.

Reseting the SMC can work differently on MacBook’s with removable batteries. The chances are you probably have a non removable battery, in which case then please try try the following instructions.

Turn off your MacBook

Locate and Hold the Shift+Control+Option keys down (blue dots in photo), then press and hold the power button down. Keep all four buttons pressed down for 10-15 seconds seconds, then let go

Attach your power cable and turn the MacBook on.

Your SMC should now be reset 🙌🏻.